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  • Beginner Cake Decorating

    Learn about decorating beautiful cakes! In this class, you will have the chance to practice some cake decorating skills with buttercream. You will follow along with the instructor and have the chance to create a cake of your own.
  • Gingerbread House Bake & Build!

    Have some fun participating in this LIVE virtual Family Fun BAKE-ALONG class, as you BAKE & BUILD your own GINGERBREAD HOUSE together! Start a new holiday family tradition and create lifelong memories as you bring your family together to create a show-stopping edible work of art! Together, we will combine the wonderful flavors of gingerbread and use the dough to create the pieces that will be used to “build” breathtaking houses, and make the stiff Royal Icing that will hold everything together and be used as the “glue” to decorate your houses with candies and delicious treats. Participants will a list of ingredients at least a week in advance of the class to allow time for shopping and preparation. Participants will also receive a template that will need to be printed and cut out before class to be used as a “pattern” to cut out the gingerbread before it is baked. We will be using the Instructor’s Gingerbread Recipe for these houses that she has tested time and time again to ensure the cookie pieces are delicious but strong enough to hold the weight of the frosting and decorations as well. Participants will receive this recipe and template in a professionally developed PDF packet. Instructions on how to prepare for the class will be included. It will be a very memorable night! Note: One registration fee for this on-line Virtual class can include participants from the same household only. If children are participating, adult supervision is required. Equipment needs: Large sheet pan, parchment paper / non-stick baking mat, rolling pin, and mixer will be needed. Other items will be listed in the handout you will receive at least a week before class. **Please note this class is scheduled to run from 6-8pm**
  • Greek Dinner

    Join us in preparing a sumptuous feast including the national soup (Soupa Avgolemono), a lemon -flavored chicken soup). The menu is rounded out with a flaming cheese appetizer (Saganaki) plus an eggplant appetizer. Zucchini with ground lamb or beef (Moussaka) is a wonderful variation from the better known eggplant dish. You’ll also master spinach rolls in fillo (Spanokopeta) and walnut cake with orange syrup (Karidopita). And, of course, Bakalava to eat and take some home. Expect more menu items if the class is large.
  • Handmade Pasta: Cheese Tortellini

    Do you love the taste of homemade pasta? Do you love stuffed pasta and wondered how it was made? Have you ever watched the making of fresh pasta and wondered if that was something you could do? Have all of these questions answered and wonder no more! YOU TOO CAN create a wonderful Italian homemade meal made from scratch, and build your culinary repertoire to include homemade pasta, building your confidence with each and every step. Have some fun participating in this virtual Cook-Along class as we dive into the world of stuffed handmade pasta! Follow along step-by-step, with our wonderful instructor as she guides you through the simple pleasure of creating homemade stuffed pasta with the simplest of ingredients. Then follow along and create a wonderful meal using the pasta you have made that will have your family asking for more! On the Menu: Handmade Cheese Tortellini! The tortellini will be paired with Italian sausage (or sausage of choice), a homemade Alfredo Sauce, and a loaf of wonderful homemade bread. Make it a date night or family night as you create lasting memories in your kitchen! Have your questions answered by the instructor, interact with other participants as you cook along, and increase your confidence in the kitchen with each skill that is learned, and each little bit of advice and instruction that is shared. While cooking-along is loads of fun, it is optional. Participants will receive a list of ingredients in advance of the class to allow with enough time for shopping and preparation. A professionally made PDF of the Instructors Personal Recipes from this class will also be received.
  • Truffles - Candies For All Occasions!

    You’ve tried the rest. Now try the best truffles of all—and you will make them yourself! This is one of chef Nancy Burgeson's most popular classes. She has shown thousands of students how to make these rich, chocolaty delicacies. With just one 3-hour class, you’ll be making truffles for all those special occasions--from graduations to weddings to gifts, and more! We will make five different recipes in class, and each student will take home a nice box of truffles. Plus, we’ll sample some other chocolate-dipped treats in class.