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Adult Day Trips
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About Adult Day Trips

Embark on hassle-free adult day trips across Minnesota. We provide transportation, lunch and cover all tour and ticket expenses. Explore scenic wonders and cultural gems, creating lasting memories with fellow adventurers. From the North Shore’s breathtaking landscapes to Minneapolis’ cultural richness, our trips offer enriching experiences. Join us for stress-free adventures, ensuring a day filled with joy, discovery and camaraderie. Detailed schedule and description available online

 Activity Mobility level for each Trip

Level Expectation Description
Level 1: Easy Expectations: This tour requires light physical activity. Tour members should expect intermittent walking, with occasional slight inclines and stair climbs, including boarding the motor coach, boat/ferry, tram, etc. There will be some walking to general points of interest. Guests should be able to climb a set of stairs, walk up or down slight slopes and navigate some uneven terrain.

Appropriate for:
All participants including those with lower mobility and who are comfortable participating in at least three hours of activity per day.
Level 2: Moderate Expectations: This tour requires moderate physical activity. Participants should expect a moderate amount of walking. There will be time to rest between activities. To enjoy this tour, you should be prepared to walk slightly longer distances, climb stairs and tolerate periods of standing, for example on walking tours, sightseeing stops, etc.

Appropriate for: Most participants beginning with those who are moderately fit, lead semi-active lives, are comfortable participating in long days of activities and expect some moderate physical activity
Level 3: Active Expectations: This tour requires a high level of physical activity The tour includes well-paced walking tours, hikes, stairs, moderate slopes with regular breaks. Up to 2-3 hours of walking during trip. To fully take advantage of all this tour has to offer, guests need to be able to walk longer distances, climb several flights of stairs and navigate steps and uneven terrain walking for extended periods of time over more difficult terrain (e.g. cobblestones, city hills, stairs without handrails, limited or no access to elevators). Excursions require standing and walking for long periods of time where motorized vehicles may be prohibited.

Appropriate for: Participants who are physically fit, expect a vigorous pace and enjoy participating in two to three hours of physical activity per day.

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