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    2011 Paralyzed Veterans Golf Open (PVGO) (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Basics of Golf

    Learn how to build your golf game from its smallest swings into the full-swings from one of only six PGA Master Professionals of Player Development in the Minnesota PGA. Greg Schulze has nearly 40 years of golf instruction experience, is a published author and the Minnesota PGA’s only recipient of its top four teaching awards. Participants are required to provide their own transportation. Presented by Greg Location: University of Minnesota Les Bolstad Practice Range
  • Drones - Recreational/Hobby Use For Beginners

    If you or somebody you know have a drone, want one or need to learn more about them, this course is for you. Recreational drone hobbyists will gain information on basic operations and a foundation for expanding to commercial operations. You will learn basic safety, rules of the road and air, registration, certification, types, when, how and where to fly (or avoid). Also covered are basic tools, simulators, apps, cameras, commercial considerations, new and emerging regulations including hobby recreational FAA test (TRUST), insurance, practical tips, techniques, and trends. Weather permitting drone demonstration will take place.