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  • Lego STEM Club

    Do you love Lego’s? I do! You don’t need anything except your imagination and a bucket of Legos. In this club we will google meet together and create anything you want following directions or just playing with bricks! If you share a love for Legos this is a club for you. Materials/Equipment needed: Students will need internet and access to a device to connect to google meets. Students will need to provide their own Legos to build with.
  • Online 3D Design & Printing w/TinkerCAD

    Challenge your creativity by designing 3D objects using Computer Aided Design software and then printing your designs. Learn about scale when prototyping a design that is not at full size. Also design an object that is at functional scale and usable! We will be using 3D printers and CAD software. Design challenges will be based on student experience if they have used the equipment and software before. Past projects have included game pieces, tools for Lego Mini Figures, and so much more!